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Jacksonville, FL


Maker Labs


We create customized hands-on workshops for groups small and large. Gather together a group of friends, co-workers or club members for a memorable, fun and enriching experience. Learn the skills and gain hands-on experience crafting your own artisan cheeses, roasting coffee or making seasonal meads. 


artisan cheese making

This project can be done with the tools you already have in your kitchen! Learn the skills to make your own cheese whenever you please. Taste a variety of cheeses and then make your own to take home!


coffee roasting

Learn to roast your perfect blend, discover where to source the best beans and make a delicious cup of the good stuff, from your very own batch.


mead made easy

Taste our refreshing brews and then create your own batch to take how and share! (Or not!)

Contact us today for details and to schedule your very own Maker Lab for you and your clan! 

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